Apartment units are convenient and well suited to the individual or small family. Enhance the convenience with a consistently clean space. Have a regular and thorough Apartment Unit cleaning service so that you can forget there ever was anything to look after.

We provide the price guidelines for the regular home keeping services to help you have an idea about the service charges, while proper quotes are available over the phone, e-mail or in person on the place.

The Services we provideĀ :

Clean hard floors, wood, tile or otherwise.
Scrub tiles and hard surfaces till spotless.
Mop and polish kitchens, bathrooms or other similar areas till immaculate.
Vacuum high traffic areas, rugs, lounges and administer appropriate carpet treatment.
Clean windows, including frames and screens.
Clean kitchen surfaces and microwave ovens.
Clean shower glasses and tiles, hand basin, mirrors, floor and toilet in the Bathrooms.
Sweep and damp mop all the hard floors.
Sweep front porch.
Empty rubbish bins.
Remove interior cobwebs.

Apartment/Unit Cleaning Sydney Price Guide:

Apartment Unit Cleaning

1. $45 – $60

  • For fortnightly cleaning for Studio or One bedroom unit.
  • For weekly Two bedroom apartment unit cleaning.

2. $55 – $70

  • For fortnightly Two bedroom apartment unit cleaning.

3. $65 – $80

  • For fortnightly Three bedroom apartment unit cleaning or Two bedroom house cleaning.

4. $70 – $100

  • For fortnightly Four bedroom apartment unit or Three bedroom house cleaning.

5. $80 – $150

  • For fortnightly Four bedroom house cleaning.


Additionally, we provide a Mobile ironing service.
Let us keep that much more of your living space in order.
One less concern for you, one less thing on your mind.

There are some secrets about home cleaning that you can easily follow.
15 tips for home cleaning

For any enquiries about Sydney apartment / unit cleaning call: 02 9787 7882, 0433 987 219.

Apartment Unit Cleaning